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Posted on January 17th, 2013 by Dr. Sabine Thomas
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While money doesn’t grow on  trees, the future of a country’s physical and economic landscape certainly depends on its vegetation.  Such is the case of several medicinal trees and plants we continue  to re-discover on the island nation of Ayiti (Haiti).  The island is a veritable source of botanical treasures. Botanical treasures that can contribute to sustainable economic growth, overall health and reforestation efforts.

Anecdotes from elders and stories from traditional healers, complement contemporary medical and scientific knowledge of these plant treasures that further confirm that folkloric roots should not be altogether ignored. The richness of  the knowledge of indigenous and traditional medicines throughout the world,  is not passed down to younger generations. So, countless easy to grow plants and  fruit trees that could support and generate health are no longer being planted or are cultivated at a rate of near extinction.